112-6 Kashiwa-cho, Asahi-ku,
Yokohama 241-0835
Tel: 045-363-3356
Fax: 045-489-3130
Email: contact@hyis.org
112-6 Kashiwa-cho, Asahi-ku,
Yokohama 241-0835
Tel: 045-363-3356
Fax: 045-489-3130
Email: contact@hyis.org
2017 Seasonal Fun Educational Programs
Open House and Information Sessions Call us at 045-363-3356 and reserve a free trial lession.
English Gakudo 15:00-18:00
(1.5 to 6 years old)
You may attend at least for 3 days

English lessons for Elementary to
High School students are also ongoing!
Our After-school English programs and clubs are now
accepting applicants!
Call the office to set an appointnment or send an
inquiry at contact@hyis.org.
Ongoing information sessions and visit tours daily for regular preschoolers and kindergartens ages 1.5 to 6 years. Call at 045-363-3356 during office hours or inquiries at contact@hyis.org.
For International School
students and overseas

June 19th- August 30th
For Japanese school students
July 19th - August 30th
December 11-20
The United Nations Association
Test of English
Webcams -  Click to go there
HYIS @ Ameba Blog
We have a 100% passing
in the U.N. Junior English
Proficiency Test.             Congratulations!
Read all about it!
Welcome to our website! We are an international Preschool and
Kindergarten located in central Yokohama, dedicated to serving
the needs of the local foreign and Japanese community. We hope
that you will take the time to view over our school's programs.
We celebrate the child's development in a nurturing and safe
learning environment. We value the significance of play in
acquiring a language. Our programs are based on the theories of
Piaget and Vygotsky's that through social interaction, the child's
cognitive development and learning of a language is acquired.

We accept children of all nationalities, from ages 2 to 6 years
old. We also offer other educational programs like Saturday
School, Mom and Me and Summer School Sessions from ages
2 to 15 years old. We accept Extended Care. Advanced notice is
required for extended care by calling the school during office
hours or sending an email at contact@hyis.org.
Office Hours:
Monday to Friday
8:30 A.M. ~
17:00 P.M.
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